2017 August, multiple works from Message Series 2 published in Create Magazine Issue VI

2017 July, online article: A Conversation With S. Tudyk by The Art Minnow - Jacob Lee

2017 Spring/Summer, original paper crumple series published in Creative Quarterly Issue 46

2016 November, The Oregonian/OregonLiveArt exhibits find unexpected homes inside Portland businesses - Brianna Miller

2016 June, featured in the curated collection on Saatchi Art's website entitled, “20 Emerging Artists to Buy Now

2016 June, online article: Symbols of Communication by On Art And Aesthetics - Tulika Bahadur 

2015 December, featured in the curated collection on Saatchi Art's website entitled, “Best of 2015, The Year in Review”

2015 January, publication: Studio Visit (Vol. 27) produced by the publishers of New American Paintings

2015 February, recognized as emerging talent with a short interview on Saatchi Art's website feature entitled, "One to Watch"

2015 July, publication: Fresh Paint Magazine, Issue 8 with short interview / online component

2015 Paper series works featured in VoiceCatcher Online Journal, Summer Issue 2015

2015 June, online interview: Eid Ma Clack Shaw or The Minimalism of Letters by MosLeslieCantina - Leslie Banta